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YBF-10KV series American box-type substation for wind power generation

Short Description:

Prefabricated substation box type

distribution transformer substation

YBF Outdoor box-type substation

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: L&R
  • Model Number: YBF
  • Use environment: Outdoor
  • Cooling conditions: Natural air cooling
  • Color: According to customers needs
  • Ambient temperature: >-45℃:<40℃
  • Altitude: <1000m
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    YBF-10KV series American box-type substation for wind power generation has a "product" structure. The substation is closely connected with high and low voltage equipment. Among them, the substation is exposed to the air on three sides and has good heat dissipation conditions and can The casing of the high and low voltage equipment is separated, and it can be checked and repaired.

    The substation adopts chip-type oil tank, no oil pillow, fully enclosed SIl series oil-immersed transformer, high and low voltage bushing, tap switch, oil level indicator, pressure relief valve, oil drain valve, etc. They are all installed on the end plate of the main body in the hyperbaric chamber, and the position is reasonable, which is convenient for observation and operation.

    The high-voltage cabin and the low-voltage cabin are separated by steel plates. The high-voltage cabin, the low-voltage cabin, and the transformer are relatively independent, while maintaining a complete box transformer, with compact structure, small volume and light weight. Install power distribution switchgear on the high and low voltage side.

    Provide the following information when ordering

    1. The full model of the product includes the main circuit scheme number and the auxiliary circuit scheme number;

    2. Combination sequence diagram of main circuit system;

    3. Installation plan;

    4. Electrical schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit;

    5. Setting parameters such as voltage, current and time in the circuit;

    6. Other special requirements that are inconsistent with the normal use of the product.


    Item Value
    Place of Origin China
    Brand Name L&R
    Model Number YBF
    Use environment Outdoor
    Cooling conditions Natural air cooling
    Color According to customers needs
    Ambient temperature >-45*C:<40°C
    Altitude <1000m

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