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YBF-35KV Series American box-type substation for wind power generation

Short Description:

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: L&R
  • Model Number: YBF-35KV
  • Use environment: Outdoor
  • Cooling conditions: Natural air cooling
  • Color: According to customers needs
  • Ambient temperature: >-45℃:<40℃
  • Altitude: <1000m
  • Product Detail

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    1. Small size, compact structure and convenient installation;

    2. It can be used in ring network: it can also be used in terminal, which is convenient for conversion:

    3. Low damage, low noise and superior performance;

    4. The box body adopts anti-theft structure;

    5. Low temperature rise and strong overload capacity.

    Provide the following information when ordering

    1. The full model of the product includes the main circuit scheme number and the auxiliary circuit scheme number;

    2. Combination sequence diagram of main circuit system;

    3. Installation plan:

    4. Electrical schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit;

    5. Setting parameters such as voltage, current and time in the circuit;

    6. Other special requirements that are inconsistent with the normal use of the product.




    Brand Name


    Place of Origin


    Model Number


    Use environment


    Cooling conditions

    Natural air cooling


    According to customers needs

    Ambient temperature




    Monthly average temperature

    No more than 30°C

    Average annual temperature

    No more than 20°C

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