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  • Isolation switch basic information

    Isolation switch basic information

    Isolating switch (Isolating switch) is a switching device, mainly used for “isolating power supply, switching operation, switching on and off small current loop”, without arc extinguishing function. When the isolating switch is in the separation position, there is an insulation distan...
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  • What is a box-type substation and what are its advantages?

    What is a box-type substation and what are its advantages?

    What is a transformer: A transformer generally has two functions, one is a buck-boost function, and the other is an impedance matching function. Let’s talk about boosting first. There are many kinds of voltages generally used, such as 220V for life lighting, 36V for industrial safety lighting, an...
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  • High voltage switch cabinet charging and discharging

    At this stage, high-voltage switchgear is widely used. The total number of switchgear is large, but common failures will cause consequences. And switch cabinets are often abnormal, which will affect all bus ducts or adjacent switch cabinets. Cause regional power outages or larger-scale power outa...
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  • Air Insulated Switchgear Market to Witness Huge Progress, Key Participants -ABB (Switzerland), Siemens AG (Germany)

    The Air Insulated Switchgear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.47% and is poised to reach $XX Billion by 2027 as compared to $XX Billion in 2020 The report on the Air Insulated Switchgear market framed by our specialists at Decisive Markets Insights covers all the necessary details of mar...
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  • Global Switchgear Market Trends, Strategies, And Opportunities In The Switchgear Market 2021-2030

    The Business Research Company’s Switchgear Global Market Report 2021: COVID 19 Impact And Recovery To 2030 LONDON, GREATER LONDON , UK, August 18, 2021 / — According to the new market research report ‘Switchgear Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact And Recovery To 203...
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  • Common Electrical Problems And How To Deal With Them

    Electricians and electrical services are well-known among homeowners. Rarely have you not needed to call an electrician at any point in your life. You might need them for something as simple as lights or ceiling fans or something more involved like switchboards, power outlets, cabling, or fault-f...
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