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SF6 Substation 115KV Circuit Breakers

SF6 substation 115KV circuit breaker is a high-performance electrical equipment specially designed to ensure safe and efficient power transmission in the substation. Focused on providing high voltage protection, these circuit breakers play a vital role in preventing electrical faults and ensuring uninterrupted power supply. With a maximum voltage rating of 145 kV, a short-circuit current of 40 kA and a continuous current rating of 2000 A, these circuit breakers are designed to meet the needs of modern power systems. Find out why SF6 substation 115KV circuit breakers are ideal for your power transmission needs.

SF6 substation 115KV circuit breakers use advanced technology to provide excellent safety and performance. The circuit breaker has a rated short-circuit current of 40kA, which can effectively handle high fault currents, prevent electrical damage, and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Additionally, its high continuous current rating of 2000 A enables efficient power transfer, minimizing the risk of power interruptions and downtime. These circuit breakers are tested and certified to comply with international safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for users.

The maximum rated voltage of the SF6 substation 115KV circuit breaker is 145 kV, providing excellent voltage protection for high-power transmission systems. This high voltage rating ensures safe and reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions. Circuit breakers effectively isolate faults in the network and interrupt the flow of electricity, protecting equipment from voltage surges and preventing potential damage. These circuit breakers utilize SF6 gas as the arc extinguishing medium, providing excellent dielectric properties and rapidly extinguishing arc faults.

SF6 substation 115KV circuit breakers are available at very competitive FOB prices ($0.50 to $9,999 per unit), providing a cost-effective solution for protecting your transmission system. Its sturdy construction, high performance and long service life make it a wise investment, saving maintenance and replacement costs in the long run. In addition, a large supply capacity of 10,000 pieces per month ensures that your power transmission needs are always met, no matter the size of your project.

SF6 substation 115KV circuit breakers are suitable for various applications in substation installations. From power plants and industrial facilities to distribution networks and grid infrastructure, these circuit breakers ensure reliable operation and optimize power transmission efficiency. Its compact design and flexible mounting options allow it to be versatile and adaptable to a variety of system configurations without space constraints.

When choosing SF6 substation 115KV circuit breakers, you can rely on our reputation as a reliable supplier. With a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces and a supply capacity of 10,000 pieces per month, we are committed to meeting your needs promptly and efficiently. Our dedicated team of experts ensures excellent customer service, technical support, and timely delivery, making your experience with our products seamless and worry-free.

In summary, SF6 substation 115KV circuit breakers are high-quality electrical equipment that provide unparalleled safety, superior voltage protection and cost-effective solutions to power transmission systems. With their advanced features, versatile applications and trusted suppliers, these circuit breakers are ideal for ensuring the safety and reliability of power transmission infrastructure. Invest in SF6 substation 115KV circuit breakers to protect your electrical system with peace of mind.

Post time: Nov-17-2023