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Isolating switch (Isolating switch) is a switching device, mainly used for “isolating power supply, switching operation, switching on and off small current loop”, without arc extinguishing function. When the isolating switch is in the separation position, there is an insulation distance and an obvious disconnection mark between the contacts that meet the specified requirements; in the closed position, it can carry the current under normal circuit conditions and abnormal conditions (such as short circuit) within a specified time. current. Generally used as a high-voltage isolating switch, that is, an isolating switch with a rated voltage of more than 1kV. Its working principle and structure are relatively simple, but due to its large usage and high reliability requirements, it has a great impact on the design, establishment and safe operation of substations and power plants. The main feature of the isolating switch is that it has no arc extinguishing capability and can only open and close the circuit without load current.
How to classify: According to the different installation methods, it is divided into outdoor isolating switches and indoor high-voltage isolating switches. According to the structure of the insulating pillar, it can be divided into single-column isolation switch, double-column isolation switch and three-column isolation switch. According to different voltage levels, it can be divided into low-voltage isolation switches and high-voltage isolation switches.
Isolation switches are mainly used in low-voltage terminal power distribution systems such as houses and buildings in low-voltage equipment. Main functions: no-load breaking and connecting lines.
1. It is used to isolate the power supply and disconnect the high-voltage maintenance equipment from the live equipment, so that there is an obvious disconnection point between the two.
2. The isolation switch cooperates with the circuit breaker to switch according to the needs of the system operation mode to change the wiring mode of the system operation.
3. For connecting or disconnecting small current circuits.

Post time: Dec-31-2022