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The isolating switch mentioned is a gate, which is the type assembled at the gate. The switching power supply can be disconnected reasonably. Under ultra-high voltage, the isolating switch must not have a load switch. With a load switch, the electric isolation will be pulled out, mild burns, and serious death.
Disconnectors are used in conjunction with circuit breakers under extra-high voltage. When overhauling the route, disconnect the switching power supply to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.
In the 11kv distribution station, the electrical isolation switch is divided into a single grounding device switch and a double grounding switch ground switch.
The high voltage accurate measurement single grounding device switch refers to the grounding device on one side of the line when the switch is switched on and off to ensure safety. The same goes for the double grounding switch. A busbar switch is a switch that connects two busbars. When the busbar is powered off, the switching power supply can be converted, and the neutral grounding switch is the switch used in the transformer application.
The primary role of the isolating switch is as follows.
1. During the maintenance and management of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment, disconnect the active and non-electrical components with isolating switches, resulting in significant interruption points, separating the maintenance machinery and equipment from the large electricity input by the power supply system to ensure maintenance staff and electrical machinery. device security.
2. The isolation switch and the circuit breaker cooperate with each other to carry out the switching operation to change the actual operation method.
(1) Double busbar with bypass wiring. When the group outlet module circuit breaker is locked for other reasons, and the bypass circuit breaker is used for other operations, the isolation switch can be used in parallel circuit;
② For semi-closed wiring, when the series circuit breaker is separated, the isolating switch can be used to release the ring (but note that all other series circuit breakers must be in the off position);
③ For the single-segment wiring method of double busbars, when one of the two busbar circuit breakers and one circuit breaker is segmented, the isolation switch can be used to disconnect the power circuit.
Classification of electrical isolating switches.
Electrical isolation switches can be divided into horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, plug-in and other electrical isolation switches. Electrical isolating switches can be divided into single-column, two-column, and three-column electrical isolating switches.
In effect, it is a switchgear device that can connect or disconnect switching power supplies. There are a few small key points to just stripping and switching off the electrical disconnect. For example, when the electrical isolation switch is in the separated position, there is a clearly required contact point spacing between the contact points, and there is a significant separation mark. When the electrical isolating switch is in the off position, the electrical isolating switch can undertake all the normal power supply circuits and the amount of current under abnormal conditions, such as short-circuit faults under abnormal conditions.
The isolation switch turns off the power supply and the closing side. When turning off the power supply, first disconnect the circuit breaker, let the power circuit disconnect the load, disconnect the isolation switch without load, and check whether the load circuit breaker is in the open state, and only open the circuit at all the load ends. If the circuit breaker is disconnected, that is, it is determined that there is no load when the isolating switch is turned off. After the isolating switch is turned off, the circuit breaker is closed again.

Post time: Mar-26-2022