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Uses of an Air Break Switch

An air break switch is used in a number of commercial and industrial applications as given below:

1. Air break switches are typically used for switching and isolation purposes.

2. Air break switches are generally installed in the distribution networks as a switching point to make or break connections between cables, transformers, and other high voltage electrical devices.

3. Air break switches are used in overhead power transmission lines. Here, these switches are mainly used to perform on/off switching by connecting the power system of a part of the overhead line to the main distribution line or by disconnecting it from the main distribution line. This allows the user to simply isolate a part of the overhead line without affecting the rest of the power transmission system.

4. These types of switches can also be used in power generation lines.

5. In certain power distribution systems, air break switches tend to provide crucial point isolation.

6. It is typically used to provide overcurrent and short circuit protection.

7. They are used in industrial plants for various control and safety operations.

Post time: Sep-23-2022