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Everyone should know about circuit breakers. It plays a key role in home security. There are many varieties of circuit breakers. Different installation locations and installation functions involve the selection of circuit breakers. So, how to install the circuit breaker? How should the circuit breaker be connected?
How to install circuit breakers.
Wiring method behind the board: The biggest advantage of wiring behind the board is that the circuit breaker can be replaced or maintained, without re-wiring, just cut off the front switch power supply. Due to the unique structure, the product has been equipped with a special type of mounting plate, mounting screws and terminal screws according to the design regulations. It should be noted that the stability of the touch of the circuit breaker in the large space will also endanger the conventional application of the circuit breaker, so we must pay attention to the installation and strictly follow the manufacturer’s standards for installation.
Plug-in wiring: On the mounting plate of the mechanical equipment, first install the mounting seat of the circuit breaker, there are 6 power plugs on the mounting seat, and there are 6 power sockets on the connecting plate of the circuit breaker. There is a connecting plate on the surface of the installed seat or the anchor bolts after the seat is installed, and the installed seat is connected to the power plug and the load line in advance. When applying, install the circuit breaker on the seat immediately. If the breaker is broken, just pull out the bad one and replace it with a good one. The replacement time is shorter and more convenient than the wiring before and after the board. Because the power plug, pulling it out requires a certain amount of human resources. Therefore, the frame current of Chinese plug-in products is limited to more than 400A. This reduces protection and replacement time. When installing a plug-in circuit breaker, check whether the power plug of the circuit breaker is locked tightly, and securely tighten the circuit breaker to reduce loop resistance and improve stability.
Drawer cabinet wiring: The access drawer cabinet of the circuit breaker is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise by the joystick, which is used for the main control circuit and the secondary circuit.
The plug-in structure eliminates the isolator necessary for the mobile type, completes one machine for two purposes, improves the rationality of application, brings a great degree of convenience for use and protection, and improves safety and stability. In particular, the main control circuit contact holder of the drawer cabinet can be used together with the NT fuse circuit breaker contact holder.
How to connect a circuit breaker.
According to the earth leakage circuit breaker, let us grasp how critical the electricity is to life safety. When we see the wiring diagram of the leakage circuit breaker again, we will understand how much harm this method provides to everyone. The primary function of the leakage circuit breaker is that when the staff has a power outage or a safety accident, the equipment of the leakage circuit breaker will immediately disconnect the switching power supply to ensure the safety of the staff and avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. In addition, some other machinery and equipment are also installed on some leakage circuit breaker wiring diagrams, so that the leakage circuit breaker has the function of short-circuit fault and load.
When the leakage switch is wired, release the wiring and exit the wiring. Note that the phase wire (alias live wire neutral wire) and the neutral wire do not have to be connected incorrectly. Check the logo on the power switch. If there is no mark, connect the phase line on the left and the neutral line on the right. It should be noted that the neutral line taken by the power-consuming equipment cannot be partly from above the leakage switch and partly from below the leakage switch. If you do that, the leakage switch will not be able to turn off. That is, if you use the phase line according to the leakage switch, you should use the neutral line according to the leakage switch. Gently press and hold the above experiment button. The leakage switch should be powered off immediately, and then pressed once a month to ensure that the leakage protector of the leakage switch works reasonably. NOTE: Frequently holding down the experimental button while plugged in can jeopardize the button’s lifespan. The leakage circuit breaker is divided into single-phase line and three-phase line wiring. Single-phase electrical wiring is divided into four groups of wiring methods and multiple wiring methods. See what you think is completely correct. With your C60, holding down the experimental button too often will jeopardize the button’s lifespan. The leakage circuit breaker is divided into single-phase line and three-phase line. Single-phase lines are divided into four groups of wiring and multiple wiring. P=UI=220V*63A=13860W. The total output power of all the above household appliances cannot exceed the maximum power of the leakage circuit breaker, so safety is applied.
The above is anything about how to install a circuit breaker and how to connect it. Power distribution equipment is a very important stage in the production, transportation and application of power engineering. At this stage, circuit breakers have been widely used.
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