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MNS type low voltage withdrawable switchgear

Short Description:

Low-voltage drawer cabinet

medium voltage switchgear

Withdrawable switchgear

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: L&R
  • Model Number: MNS, MNS electrical switchgear
  • Install place: Indoor
  • Color: Aluminum color
  • Aboslute attitude: <=2000m
  • Ambient temperature: -5C---+ 40C(special demand please clarify)
  • Protection Leve: IP30,IP40,IP54
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    MNS type low voltage withdrawable switchgear

    MNS is a modular and multifunctional low-voltage power distribution cabinet. It is used in all low-voltage systems requiring high reliability in the fields of metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, industrial and mining enterprises and infrastructure. power distribution and motor control systems. The cabinet structure adopted by MNS is highly flexible.


    Name Parameter
    Place of Origin China
    Brand Name L&R
    Model Number MNS
    Model Number MNS electrical switchgear
    Install place Indoor
    Color Aluminum color
    Aboslute attitude <=2000m
    Ambient temperature -5C--+ 40C(special demand please clarify)
    Protection Leve IP30,IP40,IP54

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